How Does The Review Process Work?

I am not making this thread to complain about review times or rejections. I am just simply curious and would like to know more about how things work.

Maybe this is something that’s been asked before, maybe we’re not supposed to know how to works, maybe there’s a whole detailed explanation somewhere that I’ve completely missed.

I just want to know what goes on behind the scenes when an item is submitted for review. So far I think everyone has a general understanding on how it works on the surface, but we’re all just guessing when it comes to how it actually works. I think it’d be benefitical to everyone if we had a better understanding on what actually goes on behind the scenes.

  • Do reviewers work from home? Or in office?
  • Is it a full time job for them?
  • How many reviewers are there?
  • How are submissions divided amongst reviewers?
  • On average, how long does it take to review an item?
  • Are reviewers given a list of requirements for each category?
  • Is there any sort of automationation during the process?
  • What sort of things do reviewers need to think about when reviewing an item?
  • Does personal taste of the reviewer factor into the final decision?
  • On average, how many items does a reviewer go through in a week.
  • How many pre-written rejection notices are there? And what are they?
  • Is it possible for reviewers to give additional feedback on rejections anymore? (If they had the time).
  • What does the queue look like?
  • How are items presented to reviewers?
  • Is it possible for a reviewer to skip or quickly reject/accept an item at a glance?
  • Are there requirements that a reviewer needs to meet before accepting or rejecting an item?
  • Is the process all done within the Envato site? Or is it done externally and then “pushed” to the site?
  • Depending on the answer to the previous question. Do reviewers login to a hidden part of the site which contains the review process?

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

There are many threads complaining about the process, I don’t want this to be another one. I’m hoping to get some real answers from people who actually know for a fact how these things work.

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Thanks for you questions but i’m not agree with you & this is not right place to discuss about this cause its simple any of author or MODs can’t tell you anything about this issue its totally Envato Official matter and they are not responsible to reply with your question.
All of official matter you have to get in touch with envato Customer success you can get in touch with Envato Author Help Center hope they will help you out from your issue.

I have call Envato Team Member if they reply to you that’s fine otherwise i have to closed it as a inappropriate topic.

Hope you understand.



That’s a lot of questions :smile:

I’m not a reviewer, nor am I’m sure a reviewer could answer all of your questions, but we did an article on some of the things a reviewer will think about during the review process, particularly for AudioJungle -

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