How do you think these tracks will do?

Just got my first 5 rejections (have picked up on the theme that this is not very unique), and have a bunch more to submit. But now I’m paranoid because those first five were probably some of my best music (were part of an album I released recently) and were mastered professionally using Ozone. Here is one of the rejections:

And here are some of the pieces I plan on submitting. If there’s anything that I’m missing here, please let me know!


none of them will be accepted, they have no commercial potential (here), they are “specific” and too original, compositional and in production terms, they are very good I would try in your place to submit your music to others more originals platforms which I can’t list here because it is against forum rules so if you want a full list write to me here at pm

Very nice stuff but wrong place here to sell it.

Hey, sorry for the brief and hurry feedback but I’m on a rush right now.

The first track, Retribution, is freaking amazing and has everything it takes to be a top seller IMO. A top notch composition that definitely stands out from the avg.

Things you should reconsider before re-submitting:

  1. Total length: in a stock market context, and in this particular genre, it shouldn’t last more than 2:30. Summarize.

  2. Structure: a. Introduction: it should go much earlier to the main theme at 00:55. Probably 20 seconds would be more than enough and then transition through a build-up (cymbal and timpani rolls, full orchestra crescendo, bla bla bla) to the main section. b. Pianissimo interlude at 02:15: Think of a video producer, or a game trailer use. While musically it does gives the listener a breath and prepares you for the finale, in a video production context it might break the continuity of the action. I would go for a simple half-note drop with some clichè sub-bass and low-boom and transition to the finale at 03:15; actually I would considering wrapping it up there and go straight to the coda at 3:36.

  3. Name: Sadly, we’re in the middle of a cookie-cutter trend regarding names here. Try something like: Epic Cinematic Battle / Epic Orchestral Trailer; you get it, some boring and dull tag name like that.

Still didn’t listen to the other tracks. Given the awsomeness of the first one, I’ll sure give it a shot later.

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You could 1) Take your amazing music and run far far away from this platform. You’ve submitted stuff many couldn’t dream of producing and already paranoid because of the not-good-enough-quality-bs stock reply from AJ. or 2) Wormwood’s comments are probably right - so dumb down, as it were, pull out the cliches, call it Epic (on EVERYTHING you do!) to fit in. If it’s rejected again, it’s not you, it’s them :slight_smile:

If you stick around, you’ll learn loads from the good people here with any rejections comments . I have, and I’m producing the best stuff I’ve ever created. Most tracks still ‘not good enough’ for AJ though of course lol - so don’t let their agenda, lack of any useful advice and ridiculously worded rejection statement, make you actually believe you’re not good enough! Chin up always! From what I’ve heard of your tracks, your ‘quality’ issue will never be musicality or production, but only whether someone reckons it will sell (or fits into their mystery agenda).

I listened to all your tracks, and despite the titles, they are actually Epic! For AJ, though and the commerciality aspect - An Awakening could be split into 2 if not 3 separate pieces - i.e. the new material at 1:35 ends one piece or starts another. And the massive climaxes in both sections probably too drastic to fit into the AJ standard - which is generally pad out one basic chord sequence with reverse cymbals and rolls which pretend to go somewhere but only lead to texture and instrumental changes. A New Breed - would probably work for AJ if it started at 1.07 and at 1.58 went to the start and finished as a 2 min piece - constant rise in textures. Throw in your fake reverse cymbals every now and again and bingo bongo, let the fun begin. Becoming - nothing to say, love it - just make a longer version too / alt endings perhaps.

Hope that helps, not sure if any of that comes across sarcastic, pessimistic, bitter or twisted. I can assure you I’m none of those :wink:


  • I agree that “becoming” could be accepted here BUT (in my opinion) author needs to change the instrumentation because it is too experimental, unique :thinking: (don’t get me wrong it sounds very good).

@dmort02 if I were you, I would run away from here, just make your music,I see you are “young” (not that young but still young) :joy: 2002, publish some stuff by distrokid or something send to epic music world or other labels (just try, it really works, if you got quality music and i think you have, you can be easily hosted by some big labels) :blush:, if you “for example” are already running out of money to keep apartment and quitting your studies (like me :crazy_face:) then just start analyzing the production music market, and buy some painkillers i don’t know beer, and start making these (as someone said on yt) “nothing music”.

if you don’t have to earn money on your own music, do your own thing and don’t close yourself in the “stock market” standards, but if you would like to adapt your current songs to sale, I immediately say that you won’t sell them here, there are a lot of beautiful places on the internet that accept more "original "and “non-standard” music and in these places i think you will find 50/50 satisfaction with your current craft

Wow. Some really helpful replies here guys, thank you! I don’t “need” to make money from my music, but that is my obvious goal right now (not off to a great start so far). @WIDE-VIEW is exposure the main goal of submitting to a label like epic music world?

depends on the label, but mostly exposure first, the number of fans listening during a month on stirming sites rises, e.g. spotify and later you will got money and you will be happy becouse people are listening to YOURS MUSIC, I will send your EP to CEO of Epic Music World if you do not mind

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lol great advice. Though I did that for a short while, produced better tracks than what I was referencing. Rejections later gonna have to revise the painkillers :pill:

If you have a list of decent platforms that don’t require drugged up composers I’d love to see it! DM me:)

you send me pm but it flagged, but i will send you now

Wouldn’t it be better for me to reach out personally?

you can but it is about ~4 months waiting for review

@WIDE-VIEW Then no, I definitely don’t mind haha. Much appreciated!

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This is just super! Just audiojungle not grown up to you!!! I just enjoy your tracks! Good luck with your creativity!!!

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It just did. But there was a piece in my first set of submissions that was not very different in style and probably had more commercial potential… but it got rejected. I am already, but this especially makes me very skeptical honesty/accuracy of the review process here.

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