How do you promote your templates?

Hi! Do you use any tools to promote your templates (SEO optimtzation, SMM or other marketing tools)?

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • Buysellads etc
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Thank you! Could somebody advise something else?

Hello? Anybody want to share their experiences/advice here? :cry:

I can say that You won’t have any profits from - Adwords, Facebook ( facebook generates lot of fake click and likes ) … maybe You will earn something on affiliate but for sure it’s not profitable.

There is only one way to gets profit from this kind of advertise - You must spend really a lot of money. When Your “template” will be on most popular in Your section, maybe this will give You more sales, because TF advertise only most popular sections.

I bought a mention in an article about Best Photography themes of the year. It wasn’t profitable at all. Just got a few clicks.

Thank you for the answer! It’s interesting information.

Thank you, Darinka!

Thank you! Do you use these method?

I think Themeforest is a template’s biggest advertiser. Just think about it. Millions of users browsing through templates every single day. It doesn’t get better than that. I think if your theme deserves to be bought, it will be, with or without external advertising. Plus, if you’re an exclusive seller, you’re probably just exposing buyers to the myriad of other themes on TF, a lot of which are probably as good as if not better than yours. Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:

ThemeForest is, when you boil it down, a way to maximise the exposure of your item. But it shouldn’t be your only point of exposure or traffic source. Largely because the way Envato works is to amplify your item’s exposure based on the traffic and sales you achieve. If the item is popular, our search algorithms push you to the top and reward you with additional exposure.

Make no mistake, doing your own marketing is super important. It can be useful to think about other traffic sources for your items. Blogs, third-party review websites and investing in slowly growing an email list is often a good way to approach the challenge.


I wasn’t in any way suggesting doing away with driving traffic to or maximizing exposure of your item or portfolio. It does help, I’m sure, but I’ve seen authors literally make thousands of sales on TF without spending a dime on advertising. I admit though, that I’ve honestly no idea whatsoever about what maximizing exposure to an item can do in terms of sales numbers for that item, because I’ve never tried it.

There are some good blog posts on the Envato blog that might prove a decent place to start. This one here is based on interviews with authors.

I too know plenty of authors who have “lucked” their way into a top selling spot. I know plenty more who’ve done it with grit and knowledge. One you can control, the other is playing the lottery :slight_smile:

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