How to increase sales for our first HTML template?

Hello themeforesters! Have a nice day everybody.

We launched our first (and the only one by now) product on Themeforest about two months ago.

We got only 4 sales for all this time though I guess the template is good as we have received excellent reviews from our buyers.

Who knows what can help promoting the template and increasing our sales?

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Did you tried to share on socials? Also simple seo on your site personal and link to your theme?
Youtube video…


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Thanks @payothemes

Yes we tried sharing on fb, twitter and even dribble)
But that didn’t help, maybe because our social accounts have not so many followers.

I guess we need to finish our personal website and promote it there. Youtube also sounds interesting, we should try it.

And are there any ways of promoting a product “inside” Themeforest?


Hi, you are also in a micro niche. Most gyms hire a developer for their website and they rarely use a premade theme. I think this product is good but you should bundle it with more features. Why not extend to being a full sports and health template, with magazine features and all stuff. Buyers like to have plenty of features for a cheap price, never forget it. Regards

@cssninjaStudio Thanks! Your idea of extending the template makes sense. So do you think it’s better to work more on the template then just to promote the existing one?

In my opion you can make both.


Got you.

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Sorry, I don’t understand. Could you explain?


promoting the existing one is a good practice. However, like @payothemes said, you should make both. I’ll go further by saying that extending the template should be your priority. To be honest, like i said before, even with strong advertising, you wouldn’t sell much more. Look at people that made the HTML ICO/Crypto theme, it has absolutely crazy sales since it’s release in march 2018.


They chose a niche wich is currently top rated in the current sales trends (this is only my own opinion). Cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin are at the top, but this might change brutally.

Always keep an eye on the market trends to decide the kind of item you are going to make, and believe me, this is the key. (or at least, one of them)



Well i’m wondering if updating the template/theme is going to give it more visits/impressions which means more sales?

Will doing that gonna bump the item in the market’s search engine?

I’m really curious.

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At least, visits could turn into conversions. However, I don’t expect much sales from this kind of template even though it’s good. It gets stomped by the huge multipurpose templates that generally feature a gym or fitness demo. So indeed you are quite accurate, it would even be better to build the next product and to leave this one as is, it will eventually make sales when newer products are added.



I think that you need more information your item and social also, add image item 616x2000px (height number pixels as you want), good documentation, clean design and code, also you need make a website your personal etc good sales.

Good Luck.

P.S: It I already make it today good luck 1 sale my template html but monday past approved my item :slight_smile:

@cssninjaStudio Thank you!

@cssninjaStudio @Exill Yeah, that’s what we were hesitating about, what should be our priority: improving/promoting the existing product or creating next product based on a better research.

Now we think we better expend most efforts to our next product, then improve the existing one bit by bit.

You guys are helping a lot!

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Thanks for your advice!
And congrats with your sale!)

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We have created a video for this topic, You can check it