How do I know if I am qualified to sell on Envato?

I want to sell on CodeCanyon but I don’t want to spend time working on a script and get rejected. I want to know if I am qualified to sell here. So I am going to share with you some projects I have been working on and you can assess if I am any good.

Here is my work …

Please let me know your thoughts,

Thank you,

These demos feel very incomplete but either way are a long way off the standard for here unfortunately

codecanyon have some standards, the project you are sharing are not the standards for codecanyon. Regarding fear of rejection if you are not making quality script than its hard for you to survive on this plateform.

Sharing examples here as you have is a good way to get feedback.

Spend time looking at popular items (recent ones) on the marketplace to understand the standards of expectation etc.

It’s not only about being able to code. Developing for the marketplace requires consideration about the potential use of the item, the premium value it offers I.e. why would people buy it if there’s a similar free version out there, etc.

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Thank you guys for your replies. Unfortunately, my item was rejected. My script is a directory written in PHP and MySQL. I honestly think that the design is decent, and the idea is good. I would like to know that if I keep on working on the script and improving it one day it will be approved.

How can I improve the script?

Without seeing a working demo you won’t get feedback.

That said, with respect, the design quality of the items you shared less than 2 weeks ago was way off the standard so you will have needed to improve significantly, very fast.

I will work on my skills and rebuild the site and submit it again. But I need to know if the idea is okay for moderators. The idea of my script is a directory based on points. If a listing has more points it will rank higher in the directory. Is this a good idea?

It doesn’t sound like anything wrong with it and to be honest unless you are submitting inappropriate ideas eg gambling, porn etc then the type of item is almost never the reason for rejection

Thank you @charlie4282.

Can you give me any advice on my current script? It would be very helpful :slight_smile:
Here is the current version in action:

It’s not a bad start.

you need to fix the side bar on mobile

there’s a lot that could be added to extend the features and functionality to make it more premium like featured business profiles, exclusive drinks offers, etc.

Hey @charlie4282 and @devsbeta

I have updated the site. Can you check now and let me know if I am headed in the right direction?
I have done some polishing and made the design more attractive.
What else should I do?

Here is the new version: