Doubts if my service follows the qualities that the CodeCanyon market requires.

Hello guys, I already tried to send a lot of my services at CodeCanyon’s big store, which for me is the best, but I have a new service and I was in doubt, because I don’t know if they follow the qualities that Codecanyon requires, If I make a mistake I cannot resend it, so I will leave the details of my service. :smile:

I want a right answer, someone who knows and has already posted a service that was not rejected, thank you in advance for your help :smile:

1 - I’m Brazilian I was born in (Brazil) and I live in Palmital - PR in the state of Parána in Brazil. (I don’t know if foreigners are accepted here).

2 - Preview Image: Imgur Image

3 - Logo: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

4 - Video Demo: Youtube Video Demo

Well, the Screenshots may not be a big deal, but I skipped it, but they are all within the standard, I read the articles on the market and followed the standards. :smile:

I haven’t posted anything on Envato yet, I’ll just send my first Script, but maybe you should make sure to ask the Author for permission to add this plugin to their script before submitting it.

They review, several of my addons have been rejected, so I wanted to know if you are ready to move on in the market here.

Your location is irrelevant

The logo being the same (apart from the colour) as another brand might be


Thanks for telling me, is the preview something wrong, or just the logo?

I understand, and although it is an add-on, in my opinion, it still lacks significantly to meet envato standards, in other words, it is very simple and difficult to use for Envato buyers.

You should work more on it and add significant value to the script you are trying to complement, but before this, I suggest you ask permission from the Author who has published this script, and as charlie4282 says, your location will not affect the result of your review.

Regarding the logo, be sure again to ask the author for permission and use MIT licensed icons and logos preferably, good luck.

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And from what I understand, my location (Palmital, Parana, Brazil) It cannot be accepted, from what I understand, if I’m wrong, correct me.

Yes, in the description I want to add to the message, and in the documentation I explain, that the Nginx server is necessary for Rtmp to work.

You are wong - these are the only countries with restriction What Countries Can I Not Use Envato From? – Envato Market Help Center

I’m happy, my country is accepted, I can be more confident for my item to be accepted :smile:

Well, I updated my logo, I don’t know if the other brand on the front with a similar logo, but leave a reply :smile:

Imgur Image

Well, I had made a speech here on the forum, so I realized that one of the moderators had an excellent help and said that if I sent it, my item would be rejected by the logo, so, I changed the logo and fixed the files more and edited it on the item after reading Envato’s articles, but the question is, can the item be shipped without problems here? :smile:



3 - Video Demo: Video Item Demo (If someone can check for me, if the design of this item can be accepted here, I would appreciate it, because I could edit it if it is not accepted.)

I appreciate any help, I really want to be accepted here, I have been on the programation for almost 2 years so I am worried, because if it is rejected, it will not be able to be sent again, so as I said I appreciate any help. :smile: :relaxed: