How can I know that my script is ready for Envato?

I built a PHP and MySQL script from scratch that is a blog, a forum, and a marketplace.
Here is a demo website:

I want to know if this item can be sold in Envato if I properly get it ready.
What else do I need to do besides documentation?
Do you think this item is useful?

Thank you guys,

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  • Organize your file and documentation so that it is easy to view, edit and understand. Group, label and organize common elements so that buyers are able to easily edit your file.
  • The more editable your file is, the more valuable it is to buyers. Ensure that you validate your code, and code in a style that represents the latest and best practices in the industry.
  • Note: Please do not place all scripts, images, and documentation within the root of your directory, as this is not allowed and will lead to your item being rejected.

If you’re submitting:


Ensure your item does not require Javascript to function. This category is exclusively for high-level CSS components which go above and beyond what is readily available for free on the web.

An App

Ensure that your app is focused on improving workflows for web developers.

A Plugin

We highly recommend that you link to a live preview demonstrating your plugin’s functionality on your own server.

There’s no stying or design here - having a mix of functionality is interesting but you need to match that with the right execution