Can you guide upload plugin

Hello Team,

I have uploaded one plugin on envato market but some time get rejected maill can you please guide how to upload and submit plugin so easily approve my plugin because i already tried some times but i am failure so i need help.

If it’s rejected, probably the feature or the design is not good enough.
It’s not related to coding or something else, in that case you’d be asked to fix the issues.

Is there any tools available to check code quality for codecanyon?

Yes, that’s called “review process” :slight_smile: See the link I have posted earlier.

can you please provide me post url.

It’s on my previous post. Seems you didn’t pay attention

yes i have checked your previous post but is there tools available to check code quality before upload our plugin to codecanyon ?

Hello can you pls rep above comment.


Currently, there is no tool for you to check this. You can only improve your product according to some regulations of Envato. The rest depends on the review team when you submit your product. After that, based on the decision of the review team, you may or may not proceed with the next steps.

If you follow the coding standards, there’s no additional application to check the code quality .