DID Really Envato Checks for Quality In WP Plugins ??

Hi ,


On Sunday i submitted a wp plugin codecanyon. and today morning only i realized that my plugin generates some errors. but i dint know how did my plugin got approved ??

I really love the job done by Envato Review team. but for this reviews its very heart breaking. that they dint properly check for the quality :frowning: :wink:

Dose any faced same type of issue ?

:frowning: No One to reply here ?

So, what you are trying to say, that you have uploaded a plugin, and the reviewer didnt made a good job ?

Yes exactly. they have just checked the code. i think. but did not test it by running it … yesterday only. i released an update which fixed those errors :smiley: but… i am sure. the quality check is not done perfectly