I am looking for an experienced author of envato to test my plugin code

I am looking for an experienced author of envato to test my plugin code. Payment hourly or other options.


Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. If you would like for doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the experts freelancer at Envato Studio.


I am looking for an experienced author to check the code of my plugin, which I made for codecanyon, but received a hard reject.

I couldn’t find such authors at Envato Studio

It’s a waste of money - no one (even experienced authors) can guarantee approval

There are several established experts in these forums who can probably check for free and have just as much chance/if not more of guiding to approval as if you pay someone

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How to find these experts? can links?

If you post a link to your demo here then usually people will be willing to take a look

Demo https://quasar-form.com/

Nevertheless, if you know the nicknames of “experts” then write to me, I will turn to them in PM

Some authors who are in these forums a bit (I’d avoid PM’s and let them answer here as it is more polite - some of us actually don’t reply to PM’s as we get quite a few):

@mgscoder has CC items (including a form related one!)
@CocoBasic is TF author but has outstandingly good items
@baileyherbert is a CC author who is in a bit of a league of technical genius and wizardry of their own
@unlockdesign is a TF author but has a lot of successful items
@LSVRthemes is a TF author with a perfect rating and some of the best items on the marketplaces
@hevada is a CC author with excellent items and knowledge

Obviously can’t guarantee anyone will definitely help you out but these are some of the best on envato and in the forums.

In my view the item looks pretty good - certainly offers some good features. This is a competitive category with some heavy weight items in it, so you may need some fine tuning but certainly a solid start

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As expected, none of the authors helped. I have to look for an alternative to envato


I checked your Demo

I can see that you put in a ton of work in this project. It also seems to me that you have some quite advanced skills to have built this.

Before submission, have you checked these line-by-line with regard to code requirements: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000510603-WordPress-Plugin-Requirements

Generally a hard reject means that more than 1 thing is wrong with it, so it’s not the code alone.

In this case, it’s probably also that there are so many forms plugins, so you really need a very high quality item to get into this. While your plugin is nice, design is too simple and old-school (everything is square-shaped, etc), so it’s hard to stand out. If your marketing materials do not stand out, that’s also probably part of the reason for the rejection.

Final thoughts:

  • Is this your first plugin? You made a mistake by not starting with something simpler. I’m scared to ask you how many months you worked on this.
  • I think you may be able to get this approved by doing 2 things:
  1. Following the code requirements in the link above line-by-line, requirement by requirement
  2. Give it a really thorough design polish. Do some really really nice marketing materials for the sales page. Do some nice templates for the forms (your current templates are so basic/simple). Back-end design improvements