Help out a new author with some questions before first upload.

Dear Gurus,

I am new at Envato. I am planning on using this platform to sell our custom made scripts which will be helpful for online business. Mostly we will be using PHP and Laravel. I have been doing researches for several days but always I am finding this problem, Rejection from Envato support team with no clear information why those happened. So I am wondering if it would happen for me also. This why I am preparing my self. I came up with several questions now, if you can help me to understand with explanations or an answer please, I know most of them might be very basic to you. But it will support me on clearing up some confusions, correcting my script and uploading properly.

  1. If a PHP script gets reject without clear instructions, can you reupload again after doing a fix with different naming and appending small features?

  2. Can you use bootstrap framework to make the layout and opensource javascript library within your php script? Like: Chart.js

  3. Can you include assets from CDN resources or they have to be internal?

  4. If there few basic inline CSS in PHP or jquery / ajax within the page. Will it be a problem or it has to be completely class and no inline at all? Category: PHP Script

  5. I saw some application based script requires a license key to install. I am quite confused with this license key system. I don’t even know how it works out with Envato. Maybe lacking the guidelines. Even though I am not sure if my script requires a license key. Can I add my script without a license verification system on its installation?

  6. What would be the advantage or disadvantage if I do or don’t use this license key?

  7. Do you pay extra for license key verification?

  8. If you don’t use license key, how do you manage the support?

  9. Can I implement this license key at a later period with an update on my script?

  10. Can you add additional improvement features, Roadmaps or Coming soon features within description during your submission?

  11. What you usually do if you receive hard reject? what happens to that script?

  12. Is it recommended to use a demo site for work preview?

  13. Can you limit a few actual features in the demo for not having abused server resources? But available in actual script?

  14. What type of license I can use for PHP script with few Open source assets? But core feature/functions which written is not open source. Opensource assets only used for pagination, and body design feel.

Thank you,