How do I get ratings on my products ?

I have 6 font’s on sale and no rates whatsoever, How do i get people to rate my products ?

No idea. I put “please rate” in the readme file but it doesn’t work. But ratings stopped a couple of years ago, in the old days you got plenty of customers rating. Since ratings were made public I think the percentage of customers who rate items has crashed down. Not really sure why. But Envato still ask for items with high ratings for competitions etc.

That’s the biggest reason why I want to get some rates, so i can submit one of my fonts to a Free of the month deal.
Can anyone rate my products regardless if they buy it or not ?

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It’s only buyers who can rate items in their downloads section.

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I recently replied to another topic about ratings, see below:

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Thanks @pqina

Good to know, thanks ! :slight_smile: