How can I use the template downloaded in Forest in Mobirise builder?

Recently I’ve downloaded a really cool theme in Forest and have bought it. Now I’m trying to implement it to Mobirise drag and drop website builder but can’t figure out how to do that. Any assistance would be appreciated.

ThemeForest does not have a category for Mobirise themes. You would need to see if it is possible to import a standard HTML template into Mobirise.

A good place to ask is on their official forums:

Edit: it looks like there are a very small number of templates on ThemeForest which also include a bundled theme for Mobirise:

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99% sure you can’t integrate any template with it - it requires the various tags, css etc to be in place for their builder to recognise the content as a block

A bit like mail chimp - you may be able to use raw html but it won’t be editable etc until it is purpose amended.

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