Please guide me as my html template is rejected in review

Hi friends.
I am trying to get success as a author on theme forest. But my template is got rejected in review. It is requested to point out my weakness in designing and coding. Which i should be avoid in future. the live preview of my project is at url

waiting for your value able comments please
Thank you

You can’t use mobirise for templates here - they need to be coded properly

Thank you for your kind response. Would you suggest me any tips or recommended platform for success.

You have to be able to write clean and original code - unless you create your own page builder which is even more complicated.

If you are not comfortable writing html, css, js etc. From scratch then this is probably not the place for you

Thank you. I got the point. before this I think that we need not to re-invent the things again and therefore i decide to use the other apps. Now I am clear, I can code HTML CSS and JQuery from scratch. thank you for giving me tip for right track.