how can i improve this wordpress theme ?



hello all .really long story :disappointed_relieved: i am trying to get accepted from last 6 Months.and in the last 10 days i started a new wordpress theme after i get a 4 hard rejection :sweat_smile: . i just want your feedback for this . do i need start a new one or the one is good ??.and how can i improve it ??

also it use redux frame work with drag and drop page builder.owl slider in the header and some nice css effects.

thanks in advance.

omar bd

هل يوجد عربي هنا ؟

From screen shot, your front page looks good. Based on your description the following questions come to mind:

-Who’s it for? Who’s the target user for this specific theme? The more exact you can get, the better, especially if it’s an under-served market.

-What’s the drag and drop page builder you’re using? A premium plugin, or something custom?

-What are the “goodies” for this theme? ie what can it do straight out of the box to get a website up and running?

Not really technical data here (but I don’t have the info for a technical review), but branding is as important as anything. What “Top 10 WordPress Themes for xxxxxxx” list does your theme belong on?

Hope this helps.


wow.really thanks for the comment :wink:

– its for the magazine websites with a lot of categories .you can give a color for every category on your website .so people know what are they reading . ie : like this forum

– it use modified version of aqua drag and drop page builder .

like this one

well some of the goodies are :

– Built-in 13 Custom Widgets
– very Customizable Header
– Built-in Translator & full RTL support
– Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
– Well documented
– Smart Sticky Sidebar
– Advanced admin panel
– use the bbpress

the theme is under work right now > and i just don’t know how to improve it ??.

thanks again