please guide me ( wordpress theme )

Hi friends
Please help me make this theme better
What parts need correction? What parts should be improved?
I know it is very problematic but I designed this theme according to East Asian tastes and thank you if you help to conform to the original standards.
In general, what do I need to do to get it approved?
I want to meet all standards
Redux framework is used in site settings
Site demo
please help

I will send this product will be rejected Isn’t anyone guiding us to make it better?

hi there,
i’m not a web programming expert, but when i see your demo site in general here the things you need to improve and/or correction (IMHO)

1. Typography
It’s would be great if you playing around with the right font combination, font size and spacing, the title should be more bigger than the content for example may be you can use H1 or H2 for the title.

2. Layout and Design Hierarchy
for the first look, what i see is an out date UI design, too busy and white space less, the UI design / layout must be balance with typography and any other element (including shape) on your site.

3. Backend
I can’t tell u more about the “back end” since i’m not a programmer but i think u missed something with you code, when i click the button the hoover button doesn’t work correctly.

thats it, please correct me if i’m wrong,
maybe another expert user on this forum can help you more,

best regard, dotibed

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You got feedback from several very experienced users in your other thread and have not addressed any of it.

With respect there is absolutely no chance of this being approved as it is. To reiterate only the basics:

  • it’s broken on a phone in several places

  • the code doesn’t validate

  • I can’t comment on regional design tastes, but there are design principals broken throughout e.g misalignment of icons, inconsistent spacing, and the typography looks like fundamental/out of the box framework styling

  • there is no logical flow or hierarchy

  • you can’t use trademarked images/assets

I suggest that you look at some of the top selling items for sale already on themeforest and try to understand the attention to detail that goes into these .

I’m not trying to be harsh - just to save you wasting your time and the reviewers. Plus it’s just frustrating when people ask for advice and then ignore it and open a new thread expecting a different answer.


I have the licenses and permissions of the photos and symbols used On another subject, I have made changes to what I have learned and am now waiting for things that are hidden from my eyes and professional users like you will be kindly directed to guide me. According to the example of successful sites in East Asia (if I had to give an example) this template is designed but still far from international standards. Thanks for explaining me more fully

thanks a lot I’ll fix the ones you mentioned Thank you very much for your time

With pleasure brother :coffee: