How Can I Improve My Item To Submit In Graphic River

Dear Experts, I am New In This Community & Below Is My First Item Designed.
I Uploaded On Graphic River, But For Some Reasons It is Rejected.

Can Anyone Please Guide Me Step By Step What & How I Can Improve ?

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I Have same Problem Please Help Us

so you made stationery mockup as I can see… it is way too simple. In this days it should be almost photorealistic in my opinion.

Yes, I agree with @Novocaina. Nowadays they are looking for more photorealistic mockups. Also, the shadows on the bifold (or the thing next to the pencil and eraser) seem to be odd and makes it unrecognizable. I think you should add more depth and details to the phone and tablet, also. Good luck and don’t get discouraged for being rejected, it happened (and still happens) to a lot of us.

one more thing - Now designers are taking real life devices / pencils / mugs / tablets / phones… whatever they want to put in their mockup. Then they are taking picture (real good quality / light work picture) and this is the base. Other designer are making photorealistic 3D models of items like I mentioned above.

thing is this should look real. :slight_smile: