Need Feedback on my mockup before submit

Hello everyone, i have designed my mockup, but i need your opinion to avoid rejected on Graphic River.

hi indeed this is very unlikely that the item is going to make it for sale, the thing is that there a cool cool central element but this is really not worked out apart from this, whether this is about shadowing or the background , in the best this is simply really too simple and in th worst really far from standards, like for the ground shadows under the central item … u have to realize that a truly good shadowing implied, ground shadow, contextual shadow and so on and that the finished item must look really realistic and worth the drive spending some money to get it …

Thank you very much for your feedback, i will fix the shadow and the background.
Hopefully, that’s will be my first mockup to be accepted.

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ok buddy, good work and good luck then :slight_smile: i will cross fingers for u :slight_smile: