How can I get original sound file url collection list to play in my application which I have purchased?

I purchased few soundtracks & I created a collection of that sounds. Now I am displaying that collection list on my iOS & Android application using envanto API

I get the preview URL for the play that sound but I want to use the original sound file to play, use & download in my application.

Below json response I am getting on request where only preview url of mp3 file is available which contains AUDIO JUNGLE WATERMARK in sounds. I want original audio file url without AUDIO JUNGLE WATERMARK in sounds

    "collection": {
        "id": xxxxxxx,
        "name": "Sound FX",
        "description": "",
        "private": false,
        "item_count": 1,
        "special_role": null,
        "image": "default-collection.png"
    "items": [
            "id": xxxxxxx,
            "name": "Rousing Sports Arena Organ Chant 4",
            "number_of_sales": 30,
            "author_username": "Sound-Ideas",
            "author_url": "",
            "url": "",
            "updated_at": "2014-05-21T05:28:20+10:00",
            "attributes": [
                    "name": "audio-files-included",
                    "value": [
                    "label": "Audio Files Included"
                    "name": "bit-rate",
                    "value": "320 kbps",
                    "label": "Bit Rate"
                    "name": "length-audio",
                    "value": "0:16",
                    "label": " Main Track Length"
                    "name": "looped-audio",
                    "value": "No",
                    "label": "Looped Audio"
                    "name": "sample-rate",
                    "value": "16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz",
                    "label": "Sample Rate"
            "description": "<p>Rousing sports arena organ chant #4 played three times.</p>",
            "site": "",
            "classification": "sound/game-sounds",
            "classification_url": "",
            "price_cents": 200,
            "author_image": "",
            "summary": "Looped Audio: No, Bit Rate: 320 kbps, Sample Rate: 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz,  Main Track Length: 0:16",
            "rating": 0,
            "rating_count": 0,
            "published_at": "2014-05-21T05:28:20+10:00",
            "trending": false,
            "tags": [
            "previews": {
                "icon_with_audio_preview": {
                    "icon_url": "",
                    "mp3_url": "",
                    "mp3_id": xxxxx,
                    "length": null,
                    "type": "icon_with_audio_preview"
                "icon_preview": {
                    "icon_url": "",
                    "type": "icon_preview"

To get the non-watermarked audio file you must use /buyer/download. Beware that if you download a file too many times, it will be locked until you contact support.

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we are using this in mobile application directly. We are retrieving list directly and downloding accordingly. Please do provide solution here so we can meet our requirements.

Let us know , it doesn’t make any sense if i have purchased then the track’s preview url shouldn’t have waterwark.

What you’re trying to do is simply not what AudioJungle is intended for. This is not SoundCloud, the songs are only meant to be downloaded via your browser for use in your projects. That means if you’re using the songs in an app, you should download them and include them within the app’s files.

The only way to get an unwatermarked file is at or using the /buyer/download API endpoint as I said above, and, this can only be called a limited number of times before the download is locked for security reasons.

AudioJungle is not an audio hosting service so if you absolutely need to do it this way then you need to download the files now and host them yourself. Make sure you’re abiding by the terms of the license you purchased.