Hotel Booking Plugin _ Awe Booking

Can anyone tell me if Awe Booking Plugin does the following things:

  1. Set price for specific date ranges (for several years)
  2. Works with PayPal
  3. Can add in tax to the room price
  4. block out dates

Does Woo Commerce work with PayPal?

Thanks so much! The current plugin we have on our website only allows for changing the price for one year and then the price goes to $0.00. We have people book out more than a year in advance.

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I think you should hire a developer for custom service. Currently, I’m developing a hotel theme with booking system. It supports almost your functions like 2,3

Hi Kfancher,
Yes, you can do 1,2,4. Our Awebooking plugin supports WooCommerce, and WooCommerce supports Paypal payment.
About the tax, we don’t have this.
You can see more on demo site with user/pass: demo/demo

Is it possible to set extra person and children prices for different date periods. I couldn’t find it on demo site.
It let us only change base prices for different date periods.

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