Booking plugin - price increase by time


I’m looking for a wordpress booking plugin.
I’ve found them for a few, but the price is set for the service and it determines how much time it takes. And that doesn’t suit me.

I will have a room for playing board games and there will be 4 tables and several games.
Can I make something like that?

But the price will be per hour of booking. Within one day. Can I set the price increase by time?

And it is also important that 3 people at the same time can not order the same game if it is only 2 pieces from this game.
Thank you.

Definitely you are not going to find out of the box solution as per your requirements.

It will be a customization and modification into the booking plugin. Please drop me an email so we can get started

I’ve already found a solution:

Thank you.

You can go to and search Rental keyword.