Need a booking plugin



Hi All,

I need a wordpress booking plugin for a boat charter service, looked at numerous including bookly, booking calendar but none seem to fit.

One Boat - 1 Captain
Must be able to schedule 2 runs per day
10am - 5pm or 2:30pm to 9:30pm

as you can see they overlap so we need to be able to automatically cancel off the other available appointment if one is booked.

Need to be able to define 3 season pricing


Need to apply extras, like extra hours etc

Need to be able to take payment via Stripe.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



I think this plugin will fit you need, you should check this demo:
You could try booking ticket to see result


Does it support Stripe


never mind I see it does


@Ex-Themes ok I want it to be one booking per day to a max of 7 people but the price is for the day not per person

How do I do that.

I have created one called book boat in your demo so maybe you can look and give me advice. Also if we decided to create 2 products would the calander know if the day was booked on the other product?



You can create discount base on date, but i not sure about “price is for the day not per person”

It is not possible.


If you are running a Wordpress based site don’t go for the plugin as for this kind of task the plugin you need will make the site heavy and thus increase load time, so you can better spend some bucks and get it done via someone in that field in case you have sufficient budget.

With Regards,
Protar Smith


Yes it’s possible me and my team can do it for you. Please discuss complete details via email so that we may proceed after having a mutual understanding.