Hosting TF theme on my website

There are many topic about this but i failed to get a firm answer. Please help me out.

I have an IT company and in our website client can live view designs that we made. But themeforest designs are way better and sometimes we have to show our client themeforest themes. Once they decieded to go with themeforest theme we buy the license and we provide our client hosting domain and we make changes with their contents. We take a service charge for doing that. But we do not charge anything for the theme.

Here is what we were thinking to do now on. That how about we host themeforest theme in our website so our client can have a live view from our website. Once they order a theme with a service package( that we provide) we just gonna buy a license for our client from TF and then we are gonna transfer the license to the client with the end product.

We can write clearly that which template is from where. We can provide the authors profile link to themeforest. We are not going to charge for the design.

I have read few related topics. They all are confusing. Some says you can do it some says you cant. help me out please.

As long as you have the license for the demo on your site and then you purchase new licenses for each copy/website/client etc. then it’s fine.

One thing to consider is that generally it is not a good idea for you to buy the theme for other people. The reason is that while you can transfer the license to use the theme, all update download etc. will still need to come via your account. Should you part company with the client then they would own the item but not have the access to downloads which they are entitled to.

As you said you plan to be transparent about where the themes come from so there’s little reason why you should buy them and not the client.

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Thanks for the reply. Now it clears all. We have to buy theme behalf of our client because our targeted clients are not anyhow near to the knowledge of upgrading or anything. They dont care. They just want a full functional website. Also. Our company provides monthly maintenance. They cant even update their websites.

Thank you so much. Now we can haveThemeforest designs. Which will boost our sell and also we can now provide much high quality designs to our clients.


One thing you could consider doing as well is create a ThemeForest account for each client to purchase the theme this way they are all under different accounts. This is something several of our Total theme customers do. Alternatively we have some customers that buy multiple copies a month and they purchase them all under their own account and what they do is charge a small monthly maintenance fee to the end customer and if they have any issue with the site you can always request help from the theme developer using your TF account - even if it’s logging into the client’s site to troubleshoot. The most important thing is that a license is purchased for each domain the theme is being used on - while most theme’s don’t “validate” this, it is expensive and time consuming to run a theme shop so as a developer we really appreciate the honesty :wink:

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This is a great idea! WPExplorer. Thanks for the input :grinning:

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What if they don’t like the theme and they would like to see other options? In that case, you will have to purchase another theme, another theme, another theme… Are you gonna be OK to purchase the themes just for the preview?

Why don’t you share the demo site (themes) and ask their opinion? Could save time

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we are going to buy many themes from many categories. That’s investment my friend.

You can invest some money on my themes, too :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: