Horizontal Scroll Wordpress Website Template


I am looking for an alternative option for Plexar - A Portfolio and Agency Template. I really love this template but the author seems inactive. I don’t want to risk buying a template that is not supported.

Would appreciate your help.

Just I would like to mention:
it is a html template not a wordpress theme.

So, if you are planning for WordPress then you have to purchase a theme from wordpress category:

You have posted a comment. lets see the author response.

Thank you, Mgscoder. You are right, I realised it was only an HTML template. I was hoping to find a WordPress template that looks like this but I am unable to find one.

In your experience, do think one can re-build this using the elementor theme? Someone was recommending that it can be done but I wasn’t very sure. Any idea would help me.

Thank you again.


it will not be because how you will register the template assets (css and js) files? in this case have to built a theme from the scratch using the html template.