Hiding the Sales Count

“The researchers reported that hiding the number of downloads led to a much fairer and more predictable market, in which popularity is more evenly distributed among a greater number of competitors and more closely correlated to quality.”

Read more at https://www.adnews.com.au/news/the-science-behind-hiding-likes-on-facebook

"For a market of products such as songs, the MusicLab model implies that showing popularity means fewer cultural products of varying quality are consumed overall, and some high-quality products may go unnoticed.

But the effects are even more severe for a market of ideas, such as Facebook.

The “rich get richer” effect compounds over time like interest on a mortgage.

The total popularity of one idea can increase exponentially and quickly dominate the entire market.

As a result, the first idea on the market has more time to grow and has increased chances of dominating regardless of its quality (a strong first-mover advantage)"

Hi! Interesting study. As far as I know, some other markets have removed the sales counter for a long time. You could suggest this as an experiment for Envato. :wink: