Reduction of sales and as it is connected with search

Hi, everybody! At once I ask to excuse for my English…
Here’s the thing… Every month on my account of sales to become less and less though I monthly steadily load qualitative tracks! Can do it the search engine is guilty what my works aren’t seen by buyers? Can Envato somehow itself alternates to whom to give start to sales and to whom isn’t present??? I in this market also didn’t receive several years not that author of week, but even a trend because there are no listenings…
And your what reflections on this subject???

Produce quality stuff and upload frequently. Sales are not predictable. It is depends from your luck and your stuff. Work hard on your stuff and that’s it.

Sales are affected by seasons too, these days many people from USA just having their vacation. Don’t expect many sales except your items are corporate in top sellers page. Keep working hard mate :wink:

Thanks for councils and the developed answers!