hi, really wanted to write, please leave me alone, but after greetings

ok, sell what you like, if you call this music, as for me I look for new sounds, not for money, so may be i’ll be here once a year bye.

Welcome back! I think the point you need to understand is that nobody is saying your work is bad or that you haven’t got any talent… there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, having your own style or pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. It’s just that your work isn’t a good fit for Audiojungle.

Likewise, if you ran your own stock music site, a lot of the content on Audiojungle might not be a good fit for VadimosipovJungle.

Thankfully, the world is big enough for all types of music to co-exist in peaceful harmony, but Envato can’t accept anything and everything. Commercial appeal, mainstream, stack em high and sell em low etc. That’s kind of the vibe here… they want the breakthrough debut album content… not the experimental, avant-garde third album stuff.