Walking Away

I’ll be taking all of my music off of this platform. It’s not worth any time at all anymore. I produced 5 good tracks in a row, in less than a week, to make 12 bucks. There are better options out there, companies who actually care.

Goodbye everyone and goodbye Envato.

  • Vestra Music

I was just looking at the latest uploads from a level 8 author. His/Her last two pages have almost 40 tracks uploaded in just a few months, I mean, some burning fingers that is. 4 sales total.
There certainly are better libs, but it’s not always easy to be taken in. As for the relatively easy approval ones, as far as I know they’re also overcrowded and devastated by subscription too.

I truly wish you the best of luck and really apreciate if you come back and share some good news if you manage to place your portfolio anywhere worth it.


For my 6 year on AJ this is the first time, when I sale nothing in many days. Wtf? Motivation to write new tracks absolutely 0.

Yep, the days became quite grim here nowadays.

Good luck, @VestraMusic !

@VestraMusic All the best :slightly_smiling_face:

You could just change to non exclusive and leave your tracks here. On the off chance that there is any future left on this platform.