free style music can't be commercial hahaha

and digital perversion haahaa

What’s going on here?..:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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How many sales have you had?

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It matters? i am not a paranoic haahaha!

I think it matters, and I’m assuming Envato think it matters. As a stock agency you can accept everything, or you can accept nothing, or you can do what most agencies do… and accept some and not others. Each agency will be different with what they want, what they don’t want and how many submissions they approve.

The goal, as far as I’m aware, is to have a high quality, varied catalogue of work that will sell. If an agency thinks something will sell well then they’ll probably approve it. If they think it won’t sell, they probably won’t. Which kind of makes sense… you don’t want your buyers to have to wade through thousands of tracks that they’ll probably never buy just so they can get to the good stuff.

So if an item that was rejected here, but approved somewhere else, has hundreds of sales… then it pretty much proves that Envato made the wrong decision. If it has zero sales after a reasonable amount of time, then it pretty much proves that they made the right decision. Anything between zero and hundreds? Well that depends on the time it’s been for sale and how many sales it has had. Nobody is perfect though… I’m sure they’ve rejected plenty of tracks that have gone on to sell well elsewhere, but on the whole… it’s unlikely they’re rejecting tracks that would have made them lots of money.

I did listen to the track you linked to (the second one, not the one at the top of this thread) and although I’m no expert, it did seem to defy the laws of music. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting, bending or even breaking the rules… but that’s for a third album, not when selling stock.


Oh my…


Captain Beefheart!!!

harmony of music sometimes reflects the harmony of the mind

I am loving it.

But seriously dude, why settle for AJ? You are made for bigger thigs! Go conquer the world - it’s yours!

Ok I also can write great lectures haha since i am a prosessor, FIRST LET US DISCUSS THE ONTOLOGY OF MUSICAL BEING. HERE BY ARISTOTELIS we may use the modal logic and a theory of musical harmony in the palette of sounds’ perception and their influence upon the human psychphysical condition. So for me musical creation and listening to my creations, is a kind of stimuli elaborating hormonal activity and producing endorphines working better than drugs, alcoohl,tobacco and other shit which i do not use. Notice I am seventy one. but always in good mood, that’s because i am the author of the rational informational psychophysics, and can move stresses in my mind from the mental agents which act as destructors or stressors and may spoil our health, nervous system and general metabolic exchange, Fk forgot about shit named money / Money is equivalent, that means one can pay without that shit, 2nd there are many functions, based on money, but for me of no interest, for me value of my production is my high mood and satisfaction while listening, but money is a fetishists paranoja, distressor and destructor, so in my rules it is forbidden to think much about money,together with drugs, alcohol, toobacco, marhujana, too much consumptive illusions, addictions ,selfdamage, suicide, gambling and other shit, so fk with mony, sold- good, not sold- NO MATTER, HAPPY IF YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD WHAT I MEAN, IF NOT it’s not my problem o’cuz.

Totally agree with @SpaceStockFootage
I would like to say that I also got myself upset a lot of times… but… It’s easy to stick closed under your own shell… and you can do amazing music and do everything, defying the laws you want… this is your business. But here, the decisions about what it’s included or not, is not your business, it’s the business from who have spent a lot of money building this big site and community. The owner of this place, who deserves some respect because this is his property . It’s easy to understand.
Thus, I’m pleased to have an opportunity to learn and to have my work exposed to the world, like I never have had before.
I would like to grow here, where I’m excited to have a professional project… :slight_smile: which I never will have on other places.
Give yourself an opportunity and let’s grow together… learn, comment…
if not…
Hope you will have a good luck in Productiontrax… there is no “broadcast licenses” neither “Massive Reproduction”, neither other big licenses. Neither big sales … I’m so sorry but it’s reality.

HAHA very funny,i’m no so mad as Russian government, my positiion is either free like in productiontrax, or out. Those stupid mad freaks in Kremlin thought, West is a value. Mad bastards, West is an American mafia as Lenin warned, exсept those in the west who really appriciate freedom. Here is a sure a 100 times mafia, but i have said already, my position is health first. money is last.