Hi, Anyone can explain why my theme rejected?


Can you please anyone explain me why my 3 months of team work HTML multi purpose theme rejected?
Here below I paste my demo url.
Already 2 themes rejected. This is third one.

I am very sorry your project was rejected because there is a problem below lists:

  • typography
  • error images for star.
  • spacing
    more …

You need more study to improve your html they will accept in tf.


Thank you. I quit my journey from themeforest. They continuously rejecting me. I have no more money to invest. I think they have some set of people only can upload theme. Because I saw all the approved theme as new item. Not all even good worth. They played their self game because it’s their market. Hate this process. Gud bye themeforest. :frowning:

You have to study a lot from scratch with patience and calm, maybe one day they will accept your project to sell themeforest, calm friend :slight_smile:
The same thing happened to me, html was rejected and I already learned more quality of my accepted themeforest design but I have not earned much money for yet my design is not higher than my quality :slight_smile:

I’ve been rejected 17 times with my first and last theme because I will not be making a new one for sure :), I understand you, but you are wrong, the review theme is impartial they only care about the product to be a premium one!

Do not give up since you invested so much time in this, search for a good UI designer that has stuff approved on ThemeForest to help you with this, you will make it eventually if you want it bad enough!

Good luck.

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It seems you are rejected because this theme is very similar to “ultrauniq” which is already on sale. You can’t just copy chunks of code from a theme to another. The coming soon is identical in both.

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That’s their own file

Completely missed “Ultrauniq” is their file, but still too much similarity between the two.