Neep Help [ Hard Rejection! HTML Template Rejected 2nd Time Please Any One Help me ?



Hello Dear Creative People , Can any one help me why this time my html template rejected. if you have some time take a look at the demo and tell me what is the problem. your replay is very helpful for me.
i always appreciate it.

Advance Thanks


Your design is too basic bad colors, no spacing, no need shadow, not working number counter

, etc you need practice more final approved sell themeforest.



Thanks JeriTeam for your reply. Yes i do more practice.


As an exclusive author, it raises the question of the incredible similarities to

If you can’t write your own code and templates then this is not the place for you. You are wasting your own, reviewers and other authors time


@charlie4282 you have more reason
@Dintags you don’t can copy other design on themeforest or other pages but you can see for example for give new ideas.


The concept is very outdated and flawed on several places (I am surprised that the other one got through review) but either way, there is identical code including the other author referenced in it, the exact same images, titles and copy used in places.


Thank you @charlie4282 and @JeriTeam for your opinion. i try to my label best for better project next time.