Heya I am a slow tortoise, I do not hurry up,up to my 72 I uderstood this is my place haha

I celebrated my 5 years here, I have not sold a single item, but i’m still young and look forward, so it’s never late to begin anew. Good luck everyone and take care, there’s nothing more precious than health. Not wealth, but health.


Heya! I agree, the way you feel means more than your birthdate, so good luck to you and good health to all of us :grinning: :+1:t5:

Welcome to the club :beer:


Hey there! I like your attitude. :hearts:

If I may ask: either I found a wrong AJ profile or you really do not have any items to sell. What is the case? I was quite curious to listen into one of your tracks, though! :slight_smile:

Come on, he’s a tortoise. It took him 5 years to understand that AJ is his place, so give him another 5 to decide whether he wants to upload or not :wink:


The track was corrected. Ok Bye again for the next five years hahaha.
Miami mus corp understood my music and reposted it, but the event of its disappearing i come aross for the first time hahaha

I like your positive attitude.