"Hey, can you make a music track or a video for me and if I like it..." Sounds familiar?

Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property on spec. This video pokes fun at the speculative creative bidding process in new business pitches.


Awesome! 100% spot-on.

LOL - This really should be posted everywhere!

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Bravo. Great message! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

And it’s also that there seems to be no shame at all (anymore) to keep asking, and asking …

Oh god how familiar… :nerd:

Cool video with a strong message! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing that, definitely sounds familiar.

Nice one :slight_smile:

Hahahaha! Great ending… Love this video!

It sounds familiar! Thanks for sharing the video, that’s amazing!