Help with purchasing Powerpoint Template

I am looking at PowerPoint Templates here:

I have two questions:

  1. When I purchase one of these products, let’s say i9, do I just pay the price one time and do I get to download the PowerPoint slides to my own desktop one which I can edit the slides using PowerPoint?

  2. We would like to purchase this for internal use in our company. Do we pay the ‘regular’ or ‘extended’ license?

Thanks for your help!


Yes regular license is enough for your company internal uses. if you any question about your chosen template ask that item author here as a comments.

they will help you about your chosen template.

Hope you understand.


Thanks for your help. Is the price advertised a one-off price?

You have to pay single time for each license. Here is about Graphicriver License
Suppose if you purchase one time then onetime pay is enough for regular license no need to pay for second time.

Ok that’s very clear.

One, last question :slight_smile:
These slides will mostly be used for internal use, but it might happen that we use this to present things to our suppliers. We are an IT department and have regular meetings with suppliers in which we do present our needs to them, by using the slides. If I interpret the licensing, even if we present these slides outside our company, we’re not selling them, but using them, so we still just need a regular license. Am I correct?

Yes you are.
You are not able to sell but you can use for presenting your presentation.