How many license do I need

I want to buy a presentation template here(Graphicriver), I want to use it as a template for different company presentations(those presentations are not related), so is one license good enough or for each presentation, I need purchase one license?

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If you use it for different companies that would be more than one end product. Each license only covers one end product, so you need more than one license.

Hi @williamsedykh

Actually each license for each individual domain. So in short
Single License = Single Website = Single Domain
Now hope you can count how many license you will need to buy.


Thanks for quick response!

Sorry, need clarify it a bit: I intent to buy a powerpoint template. I work in a company and I need present my research. I want to use some slides from template for my presentation. it is not like I will sell it or not, it is just regular company’s presentation(think about consulting company), so in my case, I will create different presentations since my research will be different each time, so in this case, how many license do I need? one or more than one?


Hi @williamsedykh

For this presentation you have to buy Regular License as you will not create a end product for selling.
If you want to create a Product using that License then you have to buy Extended license and also will need Original Author Approval.
You can create as many as you need presentation for single domain but if you want to use different presentation for different domain then you have to buy individual license for each domain.
Single License = Single Website = Single Domain

You can also ask The Presentation Template Author

Hope now you are clear, also you can check License FAQ for more.



Thanks for asking about license. take a look on these article hope will helpful. here is about Graphicriver license


I am 99% sure 1 regular license is all you need but if you are really worried then check with support.

You are basically creating one end product’ as a template for the agency?

This may be updated with fresh content but it’s still just for internal agency purpose and not being sold to clients as a stand-alone item right?


Sort of.
For example, I have two researches analysis. one is grocery store marketing share analysis, another one is smart phone purchasing intention. both for my company internal teams to understand market, in this case, do I need only one license or two?

and how this licensing thing is enforced? Is there any mechanism inside template to count or really up to me to be a good citizen to follow the rule?

Different items use different methods but it’s not something that is appropriate to go into detail about in public forums.

In my mind (not an official response) if it’s one doc that is not being sold to anyone else and it’s just a question of the research included being changed between stores and phones, then a regular license is enough.

I would still urge you to use the link above to ask suppprt if you need concrete answers

Just sent request and thanks!

I have a few template in minds for cyber monday, so don’t want to buy it for one time use


I am surprised how active this community is actually:)

Thanks again, everyone!