Powerpoint template use

Hope this is the right place to post. A few days ago I tried to reach customer support through email. No such luck. :frowning:

It makes me hesitant about jumping on board for a monthly rate. What I’m trying to figure out, is if I happen to cancel my subscription at some point, if the template I got while under the subscription will continue to work.

Can someone here answer that? Thanks so much! Wayne

A PowerPoint will keep working but:

  1. the project it is being used for needs to be finished while you are subscribed. I.e you can’t buy it now and then use it after subscription has finished for something new

  2. for less than the monthly subscription you can buy the template from graphicriver and get lifetime updates and support that is not included with element purchases.

It comes down to if volume is more important than a particular item

Your response is most helpful. So I don’t actually download the template and created and save my presentation. I have to create the project on line and then save it … not being able to make any adjustments to the presentation in the future. Pretty limiting. But I see where they get you.

No you make it offline as usual.

What the license means is that you can’t download a template and make a presentation for company A while subscribed, and then after the subscription ends use the same template to make a completely different presentation for company B.

You could still make amends to the first etc. (counts as the same project)

The idea is to stop people stockpiling items after 1 month subscription