help voodoo logo rejected


Excuse my English.

What do you think is wrong with my proiesctul ?

They must include mock -up?
Who can help me , and wants to send him to contact me Draft :
Who knows some tricks or anything useful to tell me ,please.
I tried 15 times so far with a lot of projects, but nothing all rejected.


hi, the problem is that i have no idea of what is supposed to be wrong with this one, which not only unique but also cool in my view , they may object about having it really small size and that u have some elements that are going to be too hard to be seen but as for me it works also …


What should I do to fix it


It’s hard to know you’ve been rejected.

I have about 40+ logos with hard rejection with no understandable reason (at least for me) and I didnt change the way i make my logos.

Therefore, and not knowing the reason for the rejections I decided not to upload a logo again.

It is sad for me because it was the type of items that I used to sell more.

(sorry for my poor english)


But the logo must include mock -up?


hi buddy maybe this is because u did not change anything that u had additional rejections … now if u prefer posting somewhere else, that’s your right also … good luck in any case :wink:


no absolutely not! u should clearly not do this, especially if it’s not yours …