My logo is rejected , why ?

I’m tried to upload lots of logos and I always find the rejection, I don’t understand why , anyone can help me

We need to see your logo :slight_smile:

You can see by yourself

and please tell me my mistakes

It’s best if you attach an image, rather than have us download a file.


hi as for me indeed, i see a whole lot of issues …

1- harmony
the first thing is that all parts of the logo look kind of pasted right next to each other more or less independently and people can see no connexion between elements and style, this is resulting in a lack of harmony …

2- typo
the typo in a general way is too flat , especially for here … it takes u to go through more effort here … u need originality , font variations and or combinations too

3- dissonant colors
this is a bit related to point 1 indeed … hard to understand a guideline between different parts and the colors being so different from one element to the other is not a super good idea for color printing options

4- “strokes”
basically right now all items are a bit too thin in a general way this is “crushing” effects and making the logo look like lacking of substance and impact indeed …