Help understanding licenses

Hi all,

Apologies for asking a question that I’m sure has been answered 100x before but I couldn’t locate it. I am a hobbyist who’s just started using Photoshop for personal use and was wondering if I’m allowed to post composites etc. that I make using envato content on my Instagram account? If so, do I need to have a ‘project’ for each image? Do I need one as an umbrella project for all images I make?

Thanks in advance

as far I know you have to register each download (item: in your case image) under a project.

Sorry do you mean under 1 single project for all images or under 1 project per image?

it depends on your usage if you use all images in a single end product then under 1 project if use in multiple projects then have to register accordingly. In short you have to register your downloaded item (image) under the end product you are using the image.

Well that’s a pain! Think I’ll just end the subscription then unfortunately, creating a project and allocating each asset to it etc. is just too much for a hobbyist who’s just having some fun with Ps and wanting to share.

Thanks for your help though :slight_smile: