Can I use photos as I took them?

Hi there, I’m a photographer and I’m building my portfolio on my website and I started to offer some new photoshoots that I don’t have any examples to upload yet (smashcake and gender reveal for example) and I found some matching style photos on Envato Elements I was wondering if I can use them on my website and instagram and post them as I created them? I have a subscription but I’m not sure if the license can be used to do that. Thank you!

While it might be within the allowed uses when it comes to the Envato licensing, it would be quite unethical to represent work as your own when it isn’t. Maybe do a few free or heavily discounted shoots for friends and family to bulk out your portfolio?

Thank you for your reply. Not sure if I explained myself correctly. My idea is not to use the photos like to create a gallery with 10 photos for example. I have a sections on my website where I represent all the types of photoshoots I do and I have a collage with 4 photos to represent the section and when you click on the section the gallery opens. So I don’t want to put them on the gallery, I want to put some at the collage representing a gallery, so it may be only 1 photo but leaving the gallery empty. And on instagram I want to use only on stories the same way just sharing the type of photoshoots I do, not to publish them on the feed as part of my portfolio. Anyways I’m taking your advice and will try to do something for free to fill those missing peaces.