Instagram planning and licences

Hi there,

I am new to envato elements and I want to use some of the videos for my Instagram account, but I am still very unsure how to deal with the licences in my special case.
As far as I red, I can use the videos with a one time license for my project.

I want to plan posts in advance via a social marketing service(simmilar to hootsuite). So that I plan posts ahead for the next copuple of months.
These posts will also have some of the videos from envato elements.

Now to my questions:
If I cancel my subsciption on envatoelements, will I be able to leave already uploaded videos on Instagram?
If I cancel my subsciption on envatoelements, will I be able to use those videos uploaded, but which were not yet posted? In the end they still belong to the project and they were used in the project while under subscription; just not yet posted online on Instagram by the social media tool.
Same question applies for the photoshop/illustrator presets:
Can I use the presets also for future posts.

I hope someone can help me with this. I was reading the terms & conditions over and over but I could not figure out if I can do all of this or not.

Best regards

Can you leave already posted content - Yes

Can you post further content which was not yet live - No

All projects need to be completed whilst you are still subscribed

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