Question about Elements Usage


So my work is contemplating on getting the Elements subscription for our content going forward. There is one question we want to clarify about using specific content from Elements. For example, if we used a specific video template and registered it for one or more projects and used it, if sometime in the future we cancel the subscription to Elements, those past videos we did when we were priorly subscribed, we could still use? We wouldn’t have to delete them?

I see under the license terms it does seem to say that is the case & obviously if we were to cancel, we could no longer use any of the content we’ve obtained such as video templates to do newer or more content. Just want to clarify & double make sure.


As long as the end product is created before you cancel the subscription, then you don’t need to worry about it losing any licensing privileges for the already created projects. You just can’t hoard a bunch of assets and then cancel the subscription, or continue using those assets in other projects.

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