Help to fill in TAX INFORMATION for France

I can’t manage to fill in the tax information. I own a company in France (EURL). I don’t remember how i did it last time but some information
are missing. See the screenshot attached. Is someone can help me ?
Thank you!

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Sorry don’t remember what you’re supposed to put as additional conditions. Have you clicked on the question mark icon? Maybe there’s an explanation there.

For the first field, I think you’re supposed to leave it blank.

You can ask support for help as well, or ask directly through their dedicated Tax email :

Hope you sort it out quickly :slight_smile:

Hi PurpleFog,
Thank you for your answer.
No nothing appears when I click on the field.
I remember last time I copy-past a text at this second field (additional condition concerning an article) but I don’t remember which one.
I asked to but they did not want to tell me what to put as they are not supposed to give advice! :frowning:



for “I remember last time I copy-past a text at this second field (additional condition concerning an article) but I don’t remember which one.” it shows the text which you can copy-paste when you hover your mouse on the question mark icon.

Thank you AudioAgent for your time to answer :slight_smile:
On the second field there is no text to copy-past. I think I have to copy-past an article concerning the agreement between France and US…

Sorry to hear support is not willing to help you on that. How lame of them!

It’s weird that nothing appears when you hover or click on the question mark icon. Have you tried with another browser?

I’ve tried and looked for an answer but haven’t found anything useful unfortunately. Most guides seem to just skip this field.

I’ll keep searching when I have some time. If you do find what you’re supposed to put there, it would be useful to post it here.

Ok, so here’s what I found on Youtube (so I’m not 100% on the source) :

“Beneficial owner has a permanent establishment only in France, and all work is performed in France as per article 12”

Thing is, I don’t remember having put this text there, so I’m not sure and I wouldn’t want to mislead you.

Hi PurpleFog,

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:
It souns ok. I will put that this afternoom.

Cheers and goodluck for sales!

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c’est inadmissible qu’on veuille faire remplir aux gens de telles choses sans leur proposer des formulaires ds leur langue d’origine et d’obliger les gens à se débrouiller avec des procédures qui sont déjà compliquées ds la langue de naissance, donc d’autant lorsqu’elles doivent s’effectuer ds une langue étrangère …

On the first field I have to put something. This is mandatory. As I don’t known I put the first one “GOVERNMENT”
I hope this is correct.
Yes it could be great to have more information. If it was in French I am not sure I will manage better!!
Thank you for your help all of you and have a great day!

“Government” doesn’t make sense to me. What does it say when you click on the " see instruction" link just above?
And what are the other options?

Your are right. Maybe I can put “Other” (see sceenshot attached.

If I click on Instructions I get this :

Sorry can’t help you further, none of this rings a bell to me. Maybe it’s different for you because you selected “company” instead of individual.

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Yes, I put finally “Other” and and an other field came and I put “HQ 30(3)” refering to this notice
I seems to work :slight_smile:

Hum, it still doesn’t sound right to me. Filling US forms incorrectly can have dire consequences. Just because you managed to submit your form, doesn’t make it valid automatically. You should seek more help to make sure you got it right.

It was less complicated last time. If AJ can’t help I will put nothing and pay the US taxes :frowning: