Important Message from Payoneer. Please Complete Your Tax Form


How (european authors) filled this form? Especially this question
“Is your income a U.S. source income that is effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States”
Do you think payoneer can withdraw tax from our money just like envato does?


Hi there! Same doubt here. Anyone can help with this? Which form is the correct one: W8-BEN or W8-ECI?


I figuered it out. It’s W8-BEN. However, after filling out all info the form doesn’t submit properly and keeps loading. I logged in with my Payoneer account and same issue happened. Don’t know how to send this info.


Do not send anything this is some error, few months ago I got the same email and form doesn’t submit and keeps loading, you should soon receive emails from Payoneer that it is a mistake so it was to me.


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience regarding this issue. It’s useful and soothing to know that. Kind regards!