Important Message from Payoneer. Please Complete Your Tax Form

How (european authors) filled this form? Especially this question
“Is your income a U.S. source income that is effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States”
Do you think payoneer can withdraw tax from our money just like envato does?

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Hi there! Same doubt here. Anyone can help with this? Which form is the correct one: W8-BEN or W8-ECI?

I figuered it out. It’s W8-BEN. However, after filling out all info the form doesn’t submit properly and keeps loading. I logged in with my Payoneer account and same issue happened. Don’t know how to send this info.

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Do not send anything this is some error, few months ago I got the same email and form doesn’t submit and keeps loading, you should soon receive emails from Payoneer that it is a mistake so it was to me.


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience regarding this issue. It’s useful and soothing to know that. Kind regards!