Help Me for Soft Rejected PSD


I have uploaded this App Landing Page PSD Template. But unfortunately It has been soft rejected 6 times. Every time I have tried my best to fix the issues. But it didn’t work for me. It makes me very disappointed. I can’t figure out the issues for the rejection.

Preview links of my PSD Template:

Comments from the Reviewers:

Please have a look. I can’t really understand what to do to get it approved. Please give me some effective suggestions those will help me to get my template approved. I really need some suggestions or feedback from the experts. All replies will be appreciated.


Nobody :disappointed: !! Please give me some suggestions…

Nobody yet :confused: … Please reply anybody that will help me…

Any suggestions from the feedback team ?

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If it’s soft rejected doesn’t than means you have the reviewer comments on what is wrong ?

It’s so sad to hear that six times was rejected …

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I saw this rogth after you posted, but the issue is that i dont know how to make any relevant comment. that is why I have not commented on this.

Comments from the Reviewers:

Feedback from the Reviewers:

I don’t really understand what you are saying? If you have any suggestions for my PSD then you can easily do that in RedPen…

well i made my self unclear, what I mean by that is that I dont know anything about websites and things like that. I saw your pictures and they look so good to me. If that could belong to a website I will really like to have something like that.
regarding the comments, It seems that you have done a great effort to have your item stand out. I will recommend (i dont know if this can be done) to contact envato support about this matter. or contact the same guys who are reviewing you item, but do it through their personal email. send them a polite message and ask them what is it that need to be done to your item. well it is just an idea. I dont know how I can help you more.
I really hope your items gets approved. I looks good to me

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i dont understand i can’t click anything,
[edit] ups sorry thats psd :smiley:

maybe try upload it with another account
there is nothing wrong with your design and you can see that clearly when no body could point anything to you at redpen

hi, indeed, i don’t know whether this is due to where u have landed the page or if this is due to the design, but the page takes a very long time to display and i tend to say to myself that if the reviewers ever had the same problem that they did not feel it was welcome and did not u help into having your item approved indeed. Otherwise, i have a problem personally with the “01 strata”(because , isn’t it a misspelling that u have , u did not mean strata?), as this is not alined with anything which makes sense and indeed it makes the design look not as good as it should be , otherwise i like your work , this is cool and modern

on the second screenshot, u have a problem with alignments again, as titles are aligned on the left and it looks strange as, as long as u don’t have the same length , this is sort of looking messy , when the rest of your design loosk very clean according to me …

on the third screen shot , for me the side bar on the left is neither looking very modern , nor is it really convenient also, as , let’s face it , there are more right handed people and a lateral bar on the left is counter wise in my view