Help me find the author of these tunes.

Good afternoon, help me find the authors of these tunes. I contacted the support service and they sent me to the forum, how can I find authors? and where am I upload melodies to help me find the author


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Contact your Item Author from here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here


Good afternoon, I have a problem I can not find. the author of the melody is because I downloaded the demo melody on your site and then I could not find where I downloaded it to buy because I deleted the browser history - where can I download the demo melody to find the author? I really want to buy these two tunes

Did you download a free file ?

Yes, I downloaded a free file to buy later, but I’ve deleted the browser history and I can’t see which author I downloaded the melody

Is that file ?

No, this is not that melody, I download the melody in the forum thread, please look

you can check here all of AJ file here

there is no what I was looking for - how to find the author of these two melodies?

here are the melodies - I’m looking for the author

It is little difficult cause here thousands of author at AJ how we can find individually. You wait here hope AJ author will reply to you or if you know about this audio category then you can search on audiojungle site

I’m calling a author if he know about that then he will reply to you soon

well thank you

May be this is my last help this is all of audio jungle topic try here if find

Try to look Audio_Wave Portfolio. Music in your post very similar to his style:

thanks, I found one author)) you do not know the author of the second melody?

sorry I found the second melody this is one author)) thanks