Can someone tell me how to contact an author?

Could someone tell me how to contact afterdarkness75? I bought a event summit conference made by the author but want to know what is the name of the tune which accompanies the template.

I would like to contact an author. I can’t even find the tab for author profile. Where is this tab?

What is the item link?

go to your download page there you will see your purchased item list. click on the item you concern and it will take you the item details page. in item details page you will see the author name click on that author name or view author profile button, it will take you author page there in right sidebar you will get a contact form you can use to contact. or use the item Comments page to post a comment.

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  1. Make sure you are signed in

  2. Go to Afterdarkness75's profile on VideoHive

  3. Use the form on the bottom right hand side

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hi this maybe because the guy from envato elements, isn’t he?

@n2n44 actually I was wrong, the author from VideoHive and 3DOcean, I searched in themeforest.

Yes. He made a good Conference opening For elements. I downloaded it and am in the process of changing photos and text in the template. However, i am searching for the tune that went with it, as seen in Elements. His name is afterdarkness75. I thought of contacting him under the author profile tab (as explained by Envato) but I can not even find the tab for this information on the Envato website.

Thank You. I will try.

Hi @Maxinedesilets,
Thank you for your purchase.

and if you asking about music link :

or if you have question please send me a mail to :

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i guess case is sort of solved lol :slight_smile:

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