Help Me Find Good Dramatic/Cinematic Music

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for interesting Dramatic/Cinematic tracks that would be perfect for trailers combined with voice. If you are an author and have such as music on your profile, please provide the link.

I know that some of them are different, but this will give you idea what I am looking for.

I will provide some examples:

Ninja Tracks - The Place By The Sea from Forza Motorsport 6 - Opening Cinematic
Light of the Seven from Game of Thrones
Audiomachine - Land Of Shadows from The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug Trailer Music

There are many tracks on audio-jungle, so it is easy to miss something very good, I found few good tracks but maybe there are better.

Any help would be welcome :slight_smile:

Hi there - if you need Ninja style cinematic tracks try this link from my portfolio:

If you search my portfolio with search terms “Ninja” and “Samurai” hopefully you will find something to suit your use.

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Hi @TomaszAdamski ! Check it . Perhaps you will find something suitable. Good luck searching!

Hi @TomaszAdamski - Please check out this track for something a little different.
Additionally here is my EPIC TRAILER COLLECTION for some other unique dramatic/cinematic tracks.✓&sort_by=sales_count&type_id=5513164
Thanks and good luck with the project!

Hello @TomaszAdamski

Maybe you could find something in my collection:

Thanks for listen.


Please take a look of these;

Dramatic and a little bit ominous…

from sorrow to sadness

dramatic emotional cinematic

dramatic, burial, sadness, absolute desperation

calm and dramatic cinematic

dramatic orchestral waltz

Well, I have a lot more, but I hope these are useful enough!

greetings and good luck!

Sorry it’s me again!


Good afternoon.

I can offer these tracks:

Thank you )

Maybe this:


  1. Try to listen this couple of my songs (same mood as Audiomachine - Land Of Shadows):
    2)One more track by the same dramatical tune:

Thank you!

Ahoy there!

My song is better than the others…Haha!

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Hi @TomaszAdamski !
Please check this collection:

Hi @TomaszAdamski try it

Hi! Maybe this:

you can try these !


Hello @TomaszAdamski
Here some cinematic trailers and pieces which could be useful:

If you need something custom-made, feel free to contact us via AudioJungle or email “tsgm.orders [at] gmail com”

You may find some more interesting stuff in my CINEMATIK Collection

Hi @TomaszAdamski

I have a wide selection of cinematic music available, each different to the next but still vaguely similar to some of the tracks you have listed. Feel free to take a look.