Best Epic & Dramatic Cinematic Music for Film & Movie Trailers

What’s the most epic and dramatic cinematic music for film and movie trailers?

We want you to post your music recommendations from AudioJungle for the perfect cinematic music that’s epic, dramatic and perfect for film and movie trailers.

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  • Research and select TWO of your favorite pieces of epic cinematic music that perfectly captures a dramatic mood and atmosphere.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • You MUST copy, paste, and provide the following in your post:

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  • Copy/paste the link to the TWO items (a maximum of ONE by yourself) Make sure you put each link on a separate line so an item preview will autogenerate.
  • Write a sentence or two about EACH item explaining why it’s so good, why you like it, or why it’s ideal for a movie trailer.

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  • One post per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • There is no deadline, we will keep this thread active on an ongoing basis.

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your recommendations!


I think its be cool for use in trailer =)
Sounds nice =)

its just awesome =0
One of most I like it : D

Have a nice day! Brutal and powerful soundtrack for action movie!

Atmospheric and mystical soundtrack for trailer!

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This track build slowly with intensity and purpose.

And this one from @SkyProductions is one of my favorite tracks on all of AJ. Dramatic and inspiring, and some of the best produced music on this marketplace.

Arseny does very thorough works, paying great attention to sound design and details, but at the same time his works is very musical!

Purposeful and laconic, I think it’s good for a trailer

Light cinematic background, so I think it wil be perfect for movie trailers and films.

I like tension and harmony in this track, also crunchy drums, so for me this is very nice dramatic background for film & movie trailers.

Perfect for dramatic movie trailer because this track has a power and fast rhythm for different cut scenes and atmospheric dramatic moments.

This is a lively film score that delivers thrilling commercial Hollywood sound and suitable for different genres

Very deep and suspense trailer with some surprising sounds played by the hang drum, and what I like most is the hip-hop beat. Pretty cool.

Very powerful and driving epic heavy metal trailer. I see a perfect use for the gaming genre.

Hello! This is my suggestion:

My track. I think this track good for some dramatic films or trailers

One of my favourite track on AJ

@Korandrino @FreshmanSound @AquariusV @timtomdj @MA-Studio

Just a reminder that we need you to nominate ONE of your own items and ONE item from someone else. If you only promote your own items it will be removed as it is considered spam (and not following what we’re looking for). Please repost following the requirements. Thanks for understanding! :slight_smile:

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Dramatic Epicness, starting with a soft piano leading to rock hard drums and edgy guitars and orchestra.

Orchestral piece, with driving strings and brass, and some epic risers.

Hybrid soundtrack “Invasion” with dramatic movements:

My “Dramatic Trailer” in 5 variations for flexible use in moviemaking:

Hi! =)
First, this is my track. I think that it is very good for both a trailer and a movie.

Second, this is my friend’s track. This is a high-quality hybrid trailer track with a dramatic and gloomy mood.



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