Help.. Help. Got soft rejection again.

The first thing I will ask is Does anyone here get soft/hard rejection from this author called “Emil Uzelac” recently?

I got soft rejection without any specific issue or screenshot. Like an automated answer. Then I got another soft rejection with a bunch of screenshots. He is saying all sections are not good enough.

Here is the link:

Guys, I need help here before I resubmit. He had already Hard rejected my previous theme with the same errors.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Insignia_technolabs Here the error i found

Other looks fine


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That’s funny. Except that section, He sent me all sections in screenshots to improve. Check out below.

Keep on improving please, don’t rush and submit when everything is addressed. Provided screenshots are examples only, not all that needs to be improved with your theme.


As an author the following are my personal opinion:

  1. Slider typography need improve, also can play with more width for text
  2. Our Recent Cases you have used the extra padding for making text center. I think need to remove extra padding instaed use text center.
.ins-portfolio1-overlay-inner {
    padding: 0 25px;
  1. In testimonial VISUAL HIERARCHY issues seems the full portion is a testimonial. Heading and tagline should to display as a separate things and heading in a single line is better for visual. Also Testimonial Author & Designation in a single line looking odd and typography issues
  2. In Pricing Section Title and pricing table looking 2 different sections, also for pricing table
    margin-top: -50px !important; inline css made design some odd
  3. In Latest Blog Posts you have set all blog same title and description, your demo should look like a full complete demo. Duplicate entry should avoid.
  4. Footer spacing need to improve. especially for left widgets between email, phone, address
  5. In Blog details page top banner has contrast issues
  6. In Blog details page by ins_sulting . 0 Comments all looking same and seems to me just a strong text with color
  7. In Blog details page About Author section spacing issues bottom has 18px more space and about author but no author name there.
  8. In Blog details page Blog date (within circle) need improve font and visual issues
  9. In Blog details page Tags typography need improve
  10. In Blog details page widgets ul li spacing need decrease
  11. In Blog details page Previous and Next post (you alraedy removed) but you can just remove title and can display image with Previous and Next text/button
  12. In count down title can be small with a little big font as like Projects are completed by sulting agency can be Completed Projects
  13. In each section you have used Tagline then Title then intro text. you can increase space between Title and intro text.

You have to check your overall theme and have to fix such issues from everywhere you have.


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Thank you so much. I will work on all of them. Thank again.